Analysis of sound

ATS is a little software for MacOs I've written as a C++ course project. The app is analizing surrounding sound and renders images moving dynamically. Code is based on OpenFrameworks, a very cool open-source framework for creative projects. The math behind are derived from the Cooley-Tuckey Fast Fourier Transform algorithm written by Sergey Chernenko that you can find here.

What does ATS really do ?

It analyses the sound listened by the micro of a computer, gets the spectrum frequency out of it and creates little animations based on those frequencies. It basically proposes four options :

  • a broken line effect : a white line over a black screen that's moving as the same time as amplitudes and frequencies of the sound.
  • a line effect : lines appeared when the amplitudes of a frequency is exceeding a threshold (meaning that frequency is predominant in the song).
  • two equalizers : ugly and basic equalizers
  • a matrix effect : reproducing the green visual effects of The Matrix (just for fun).
The app has a Syphon client so it can be used along with other softwares like MadMapper.
ATS in use, Princeton, 2014

See the project on Github.

Download the app (for MacOs)