Professional activities

since 2020 Principal Data scientist at Quantum Black, AI by McKinsey (Paris, France)
2018 - 2020 Data scientist at European Central Bank (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany)
2015 - 2018 Economist at Banque de France (Paris, France)
2016 - 2017 Research assistant for Prof E.Zhuravskaya


Spring 2018 Sciences Po - Statistical Reasoning
Fall 2017 Sciences Po - Quantitative Tools (Level 2)
2015 - 2017 Sciences Po - Quantitative Tools (Level 1)
2015 - 2015 Sciences Po - PrepEna
2016 Programmer avec EViews (one-day course on EViews at Banque de France)


MAPI: Model for Analysis and Projection of Inflation in France (with Caroline Jardet and Thomas Ferriere), Banque de France, Working Paper Series no. 637, August 2017.
Betty: a Matlab toolbox for advanced Bayesian econometric analysis (Joint work with F. Pelgrin) (to be publicly released soon)


Générateur d'attestation Automatic generator of travel authorization pass during COVID-19 in France.
Grapher.js Tiny wrapper around D3.js to make line and bar charts (and also Edward Tufte's sparkline).
Coronavirus Data Dashboard Dashboard built with D3.js that compare spread of COVID-19 between countries.
enSelle Website and messenger bot forecasting Velib (shared bikes) in Paris.
Villes Mondes World map to discover and replay episodes of the France Culture's radio show Villes Mondes.
Share Event Web-app to share events viaan unique URL.
SDMX + EVIEWS Web-app which allows to donwload timeseries from various institutions including Eurostat, ECB and Insee to EViews
Analyse Ton Son MacOs software transforming input sound into graphical images to output on 3D structures.
la Grande Musique Curated selection of classical pieces that you can listen to freely.
Flat UI Colors Curated selection of colors for designing beautiful UI (it is copied from the original flatuicolors website that required Flash.)