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Coronavirus Deaths Tracker

This graph is an interactive version of the one designed by the Financial Times. The y-axis is the cumulative number of deaths due to Covid-19 reported (on a log-scale) while the x-axis is the number of days since the 10th deaths due to Covid-19. The graph has been updated many times by the FT with different thresholds and y-axis (new daily deaths, cumulative number of deaths, rolling average of daily deaths, etc.) The controls below let you customized the graph at your will.

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Covid testing data

Testing data is retrieved from Our World In Data github repository. Testing data is very heterogeneous among countries: it's often unclear what the provided numbers really mean and there are not always comparable cross-country. Our World in Data has made an amazing job explaining what we know and what we don't about the test numbers reported in this article.

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Apple Mobility Data

Mobility Data is retrieved from this github repository that compiles data from Apple Mobility Trends Reports. Data is updated daily. Note that not every transportation types are available for each region and that for May 11-12 is not available.

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SOS Medecins Data

Hospital emergency department and SOS Medecins data related to the COVID epidemic-19 (for France only). Regional data is retrieved from and preprocessed daily (aggregation across regions, age groups and genders).

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Content and data issues

This website does not store data. Data is fetched from the repositories listed below and processed every time this website loads.

Data of COVID-19 cases is retrieved from Johns Hopkins University github repository. Browse it to know more about potential errors or data issues.

Population data is from the World Bank for most of the countries and from national statistics institute for others. Population data is from 2018 and is stored here

Testing data is retrieved Our World in Data github repository. They wrote an amazing article on the pitfalls of testing data which you can read here.

The code is on Github.


12/03/2020Data for 12/03/2020 appears to be wrong for some European countries. No new cases has been reported in the data contrary to figures reported in other sources. Read more here.
23/03/2020Johns Hopkins University has stopped publishing recovered cases data.

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